Live Transfer Leads from

Imagine if you could increase your profitability, efficiency, and customer service all at the same time.

Well now you can with Live Transfer Leads from By adding this channel to your marketing strategy, you can have Prospects calling YOU looking for your service! Everyone knows that inbound sales calls are a valuable opportunity. A customer-driven contact increases your closing percentages enormously. Adding Live Transfer Leads to a sound and diversified marketing plan has been proven to produce a better ROI than traditional "internet leads" alone.

Why Live Transfers?

Live transfer leads save the client valuable time. It leaves the grunt work to the call center handling their leads, to sift through potential customers who are just interested versus those who are ready to buy.

Benefits of Live Transfers

Live call transfers spare you the painful burden of scrambling after potential leads, which costs you time and money, and they allow you to optimize the sales potential of leads who initiate contact. This ensures the highest possible conversion rate!

Live Transfer Leads On Demand

You Control All Aspects of Your Live Transfer Campaigns Though our Web Based System

Turn Your Campaigns On or Off at the Touch of a Button

Only Receive Live Transfers When You Want Them by Controlling Schedule and Timeframes

You are in the Drivers Seat, Speed Up Calls or Slow Them Down

Run Real Time Reports Do A/B Testing

Call Recording Available for Management and Training Purposes

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